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High Management and Operational Standards

Genuine knowledge, wide experience and flexibility

“Well-trained personnel are the cornstone of our commitment to continuous development. Achieving excellence requires the thorough screening, careful selection and placement, induction, continuous assessment and training of all our ship and shore based employees. We aspire to motivate and promote an active safety culture throughout our organization.“

Roswell Tankers Corp.  is manning all its ships with well qualified and experienced seafarers. The highest level of professionalism is the key and most essential part of our efforts to secure and maintain high standards and top quality operations.

Our aim is to attract efficient, qualified, experienced, motivated and well trained people to manage and operate our fleet.

Our Company Management System involves periodic assessments of employees qualifications and abilities to keep up with their job requirements, as well as to identify any points for development and train them as necessary.

Our aim is to become an "comfortable- to-do with" business in all perspectives by granting our people, having acknowledged the responsibility taken, the authority to take business decisions in order to efficiently satisfy our customers and business partners.

Our Shore-Based team staffed with experienced personnel including ex Master Mariners with long time experience in the key positions in Safety & Quality department of major tanker operators.  Our sea personnel includes Masters, senior officers and crew mainly sourced from the pool of seafarers who served exclusively on these ships from the time of their construction. We are well-prepared, both onboard and ashore, to meet the demanding requirements of global shipping  and ship management services.