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What we in Roswell Tankers Corp. are doing to create more sustainable shipping:

Environmental Management System

“We are fully committed to environ-mentally responsible operations. Our goal to drive environmental incidents to zero. Although shipping is by far the most fuel-efficient mode of transportation, we still believe further actions must be taken to reduce air pollution and this can only be achieved by firm commitment of all ships operators to improving energy efficiency of ship related operations.“

One of the cornerstones of our SMS is the Environmental Management System (EMS), designed to identify, understand and control the risk of an environmental incident.

Environmental protection and management was, is and will be our first Priority. Being committed to safeguard clean and safe environment, we regularly review our ships performance sparing no effort to improve.

and Operation
Checking and
Corrective Action

Long - term environmental targets

In order to enhance the Company`s  consciousness for the protection of the environment, the Company has set the following five years long term targets:

  1. Means of holding grey water onboard.
  2. ISO 9001 & 14001 accreditation for the whole fleet
  3. Senior officers to be trained on ISO 14001
  4. Voyage optimizations to be adopted to lower use of energy (raw materials), reduce carbon and environmental footprint.

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