Company`s Profile


By implementing our Company Policy Concept, we aim to:  

Our HSQE Policies entail long term goals and aspirations, such as nullification of spills and incidents.

Safety Management System

Company Concept

“Since the establishment of Roswell Tankers Corp. we are focused on our SMS upgrading to ensure continuous development in HSQE management.“

Roswell Tankers Corp. promotes the concept of safety and environmental excellence at all levels in the organization through a disciplined, documented Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS complies with ISM, ISPS and MLC 2006 requirements and is in line with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 50001.

Responsibility is expanded throughout the organization, from Top Management to single employee. Everyone is motivated to assume active and constructive approach in achieving flawless, efficient, competitive and customer-focused operation.


To protect all personnel from injuries & damage to health - Zero Incidents.

To undertake all duties safely and to protect the environment - Zero Spills.

To maintain the highest HSQE standard for our vessels.

To provide high quality services in order to satisfy our customers`needs.

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